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Donna the Buffalo Live at Kingdom on 2012-05-18

Donna The Buffalo
Richmond, VA
2012-05-18 Friday
73'F 45%RH

Source: (1) JB-mod Nak CM-300 (CP-3) over stage, spread 6’ > R-44 (24/48)
(2) JB-Mod Teac ME-80 (CP-2) hung from balcony 8’ from stacks > R-44 (24/48)
(3) SBD > Oade-mod SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D8 (16/48)
Transfer: (1, 2) SD > r8brain >> Audacity > Soundforge > CDWave > TLH
(3) PCM-R500 > Audiophile 24/96 >> Audacity > Soundforge > CDWave > TLH
Recorded by: capnhook and John Bischman
Matrixed by capnhook

start 9:50pm

d1t01 -intro-
d1t02 Way Back When
d1t03 -tuning-
d1t04 Beauty Within
d1t05 -banter-
d1t06 Voice In My Head
d1t07 If You Only Could
d1t08 Everyday
d1t09 -banter-
d1t10 One Day At A Time
d1t11 -banter-
d1t12 Blue Sky
d1t13 Do It For Love
d1t14 -tuning-
d1t15 Give Me Just A Little Time
d1t16 -tuning-
d1t17 I Love My Tribe (2nd time played)
d1t18 -banter-
d1t19 Be The Change
d1t20 -banter-
d1t21 The Ones You Love
d1t22 -banter-

d2t01 Lifetime Of A Fool
d2t02 -tuning-
d2t03 Hey Trudy
d2t04 -tuning-
d2t05 It Comes From The Heart (debut)
d2t06 I Can Fly
d2t07 -banter-
d2t08 Temporary Misery
d2t09 Big Parade
d2t10 -banter-
d2t11 No Place Like The Right Time
d2t12 Let Love Move Me
d2t13 -encore break-


d2t14 There Must Be (Tara and Jeb)
d2t15 -regroup-
d2t16 Forty Days And Forty Nights

end 12:09am

Tara Nevins: "Um, not to be negative or anything but, you think maybe somebody could
turn down these lights a little's kinda, painful. Well, that one, that
white one there....yeah, thank you."

Jeb Puryear: "Awww....let the party begin. You weren't being negative, you were just,
like, saying what you wanted."

The Kingdom is a club that is located in an alley in the Shockoe Bottom
district of Richmond, opposite the 17th Street Farmers' market. The Bottom,
as it is sometimes called, is east of downtown, along the James River. It
has been a center of Richmond nightlife for the past two decades (I am
told). The neighborhood does have a bit of an edge after dark, so one is
well advised not to wander too far afield. Brenda, Kevin, John Bischman,
and I had dinner at a pretty decent Ethiopian restaurant on 17th Street, at
the mouth of Walnut Alley, in which the club is situated. The Kingdom
itself is an intimate venue, with a balcony (closed to the general public
that evening) and pretty decent sound. John and Kevin tell me that this due
to the wooden walls and beams.

I probably should let the set list speak for itself. "Voice in My Head" in
the third slot was unexpectedly early in the set for this song (or so it
seemed), but its intricate jam augured well for what was to come. I cannot
recall the last time I heard "Do It for Love" and "Lifetime of a Fool"
performed live. The show really took off with "I Love My Tribe." Its
composer seemed surprised (pleasantly, one hopes) by the enthusiastic
chorus of Roberge, Bischman, Deckman McGee, Hook, Roberge, and Dante, who
knew most of the lyrics to a song that has maybe been performed once or
twice. "Be the Change" was the perfect follow-up, and the chorus lit into
that one, too. Note the sequencing of rarities ("Lifetime of a Fool," "The
Ones You Love"), Donna turbine effect ("Hey Trudy"), lovely new Tara song
(new to me, at least), terrific new Jeb song ("I Can Fly"), and then
another rarity and personal favorite, "Big Parade."

It was just wonderful to spend this evening with all the great people I've
met. Heartfelt thanks to all of you for being who you are and for so many
kindnesses. I love my tribe.

-Paul Roberge

Never For Sale.
Please support artists that allow taping by buying merchandise & attending shows.

Jeb Puryear - Guitar & Vocals
Tara Nevins - Accordion, Fiddle, Guitar, Scrubboard, Tambourine & Vocals
Dave McCracken - Keyboards, Moog
Kyle Spark - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mark Raudabaugh - Drums

Collection DonnatheBuffalo
Band/Artist Donna the Buffalo
Venue Kingdom
Location Richmond, VA

Source Multiple sources - see description
Lineage Matrix - see description
Taped by capnhook and John Bischman
Transferred by capnhook


Reviewer: capnhook - - June 13, 2012
Subject: Team Hodge Podge pulls the heat...
Thanks John. Glad we brought all our mics and cables.....taught me a thing or two about hanging them properly. If I was there by myself, I probably would've stand taped back by the soundboard, and it would not have come as well as this show did. See you soon.
Reviewer: walstib62 - - June 13, 2012
Subject: Awesome mix
Nice mix Capn. Just the perfect addition of SBD to fill in the vocals without losing the room sound!
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on 6/6/2012
Donna the Buffalo
by Donna the Buffalo
Source: Schoeps 4VCMC6s > Lunatec V3 > Sony M1
Donna the Buffalo
by Donna the Buffalo
Source: Schoeps 4VCMC6s > Lunatec V3 > D8
Source: (1) LSD2 > Edirol R-44 (2) JB-mod NAK CM-300 (CP-3's) > Edirol R-44
Source: Schoeps 4VCMC6s > Lunatec V3 > Sony M1
Donna the Buffalo
by Donna the Buffalo
Source: Schoeps 4VCMC6s > Lunatec V3 > Sony M1
Donna the Buffalo
by Donna the Buffalo
Source: Schoeps 4VCMC6s > Lunatec V3 > Sony M1
Donna the Buffalo
by Donna the Buffalo
Source: Schoeps 4VCMC6s > Lunatec V3 > Sony M1
Source: Schoeps 41CMC6s > Lunatec V3 > Sony M1
Donna the Buffalo
by Donna the Buffalo
Source: (1) Schoeps 4VCMC6s > Lunatec V3 > Sony TCD-D8 (2) LSD2 > Apogee Mini-Me > Sony TCD-D8 (3) SBD > Oade Line-Mod SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D8
Donna the Buffalo
by Donna the Buffalo
Source: Schoeps 4VCMC6s > Lunatec V3 > Sony M1